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The environment of sales changes dynamically and the speed of change is growing. If you want to maintain the success of your business activities and reach the sales required, you need to perceive the changes and follow the customer requirements and improving technologies. Read More
12 visible signs of the fact that your new managers need training
13 October
However, too often, new managers are “thrown“ into their new role with just a little, or no training in the area of management. That can lead to mismanagement, which can result in low turnover, work stress and decline in employee productivity. Read More
Successful sales in the world of constant change
06 October
When we ask such questions during our company programmes, we only seldom get an identical reply twice. That is, however, no surprise. Read More
Tips for new managers
06 September
Being promoted to manager position for the first time can be exciting and motivating, but the skills necessary for becoming a successful manager are not inherent to everyone. Thus it may be very difficult to have overview of the inputs and outputs of your new manager role. Read More
Sales Excellence – How to be successful in sales
06 September
During my sales training sessions and coaching, I hear from the participants that they would like to learn about the latest sales trends and techniques. Unfortunately, at that moment I also see that the people in front of me do not know much about sales and most likely are not very successful. Read More
Why and how to use our strengths?
06 September
Which strengths of your character do you value the most and love to use? Is it “YOU“, when you are witty, kind, responsible, reliable, loving, enthusiastic, curious etc.? Read More
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