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Managing Difficult Conversations

How to Deal with Stressful Behavior and Eliminate Conflict


Difficult people exist in all areas of our lives. They cause problems for anyone who comes into contact with them. Whether you have to handle a customer who shouts at you for doing your job, or a team member who takes credit for your ideas, this book will show you ways to stop.

Dealing with difficult people at work can have a negative impact on workplace productivity and company culture.


Maxwell´s Managing Difficult Conversations training course gives you the tools you need to cope with all kinds of difficult employees or dealing with a delicate situations, like appraisals or important client conversations. This managing difficult conversations training course will teach you how to be assertive, honest and fair whether with clients or internally at reviews. You will learn to approach challenging situations with confidence, positivity and practicality.


Managing Difficult Conversation Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn new strategies for handling difficult conversations effectively
  • Avoid wasting precious energy on feeling negative about a person or situation
  • Know how to structure the opening of a difficult conversation more effectively
  • Understand what makes a conversation difficult and be able to prepare effectively for them
  • Know how to structure the opening of a difficult conversation more effectively
  • Have increased their ability to manage their and others emotions successfully
  • Recognise the origins of conflict and the communication behaviours which can result from these
  • Recognising and managing difficult behaviour
  • The ladder of inference
  • Reflect on your own behaviours and responses to conflict and difficult conversations
  • Explore different approaches and strategies to manage these conversations effectively
  • Practice and develop your skills to navigate these conversations to successful outcomes
  • Move from knowledge to competence and confidence


We tailor all our courses to reflect the needs of the delegates on the day. Our training helps people to understand the fears and concerns that often lead them to avoid such conversations. We go to equip them with new ways of thinking and acting so they can proactively and constructively manage difficult conversations of all types.


How we manage difficult situations and have difficult conversations can help or hinder our careers, work and relationships. Our practical Managing difficult conversations training workshops will equip staff with tools to manage conflict, avoid situation escalation, and become a better listener, communicator, and leader.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today to arrange for an in-house delivery of this invaluable course or for a customized solution. From time to time we do host offerings of this course that allows for single or multiple participants from different companies to attend.
If you have any unanswered questions, please let us know. Feel free to call or email us anytime.

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