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This page provides internal tools and support for employees of Maxwell International.

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Effective Public Speaking

Become the best public speaker you can

Public speaking is a fundamental life skill in the modern world, full of meetings, conferences and networking events. The ability to communicate a message, sell an idea, project or paint a vision is a critical skill for anyone who wants to have an impact on the world

Good public speaking skills can have a huge impact on your career for the following reasons:

  • Demonstrates your knowledge
  • Demonstrates your confidence
  • Helps you lead better

Always take note that the success and effectiveness of training largely depend on the qualities of the trainer itself.

During the Train The Trainer course, the participants will take a look at:

  • Elements of effective training
  • Core competencies of effective trainers
  • ADDIE Model
  • What Training Method Creates the Best Learning Experience?
  • What Are the Most Effective Training Techniques for Technical Training Topics?
  • What Media Work Best to Deliver Training?
  • How Can Adults Get the Most from Any Learning Experience?
  • How Are Training Methods Paced to Maintain Attention and Improve Retention?
  • How Much Practice Is Needed to Retain a New Skill?
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • How Effective Is Your Training Style?
  • How Can You Learn About Your Preferred Trainer Style?v
  • How Are Training Styles Related to Adult Learning?
  • What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Style?
  • How Can You Enhance Your Training Style?
  • Developing effective communication
  • Speaking and delivery skills
  • Confidence and posture
  • Enhance non-verbal communication to enrich your presentation
  • How to involve everybody all of the time
  • Climate Setting
  • What Is the Benefit of Using Session Starters or Icebreakers?
  • How Do You Begin Training Sessions for Difficult Audiences?
  • Why Lecturing Is Not Always Appropriate
  • What Is the Difference Between Giving a Presentation and Training?
  • Learning to improvise, but still stay on track.
  • Discussion and Facilitation
  • How Are Facilitation Techniques Used to Promote Discussion to Meet a Learning Objective?
  • How to Facilitate Case Studies
  • Creating and achieving clear learning outcomes.


Our training course is content rich, action-based, and led by our most experienced facilitators. Our goal is to ensure that your trainers feel confident and excited to deliver a successful program.

Maxwell´s Train The Trainer training course is ideal if you’re a trainer or manager who would like to sharpen your skills and deepen your understanding of what makes training sessions work.

What’s next?

Maxwell Public Speaking Training Programmes are always tailored to the specific group or person attending. It can be delivered for individuals, small group workshops or in a seminar format. To find out more call us.

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