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Tips for new managers

Being promoted to manager position for the first time can be exciting and motivating, but the skills necessary for becoming a successful manager are not inherent to everyone. Thus it may be very difficult to have overview of the inputs and outputs of your new manager role. The superior, who has chosen you to the position of authority, demands you to manage some of your friends or colleagues.

Also, not all managers have the same management style or have had the opportunity to take a form of management training. There exist some proven procedures you can rely on when transferring to your first management position.

1) Be a team player.

Do not let the new role go to your head. You were promoted to the position based on the fact that someone recognized your potential to lead people. Regardless of the formal post, make sure you treat the others with respect and you get the same amount of respect from them.

2) Learn to let go, and delegate.

Recognize your limits in the management role. Micromanagement adds stress to your life and your team will get the feeling that they are undervalued and will be dissatisfied. Give people the chance to lead their own style and remember that there are many ways, how to reach a positive result.

3) Find a mentor.

Having an advisor can help you understand better what is expected from you and what your new tasks are. In your organization, find someone who was in the same situation and dealt with it succesfully; this person can help you in new situations, which you did not have to face on your previous post.

4) Listen to your team.

Create environment, which supports open dialogue. Show your team that you are on their side and are willing to stand up for them. Consider regular meetings with the team, where you will listen to them and also, arrange the way how your subordinates can see you in privacy.

5) Do not forget about yourself.

Determination of opportunities of your team to learn and grow can now be at the top places of your task list. But do not forget to spend a little bit of your time with your own professional development. A leader never stops learning and growing!

6) Use all levels of experience.

In the beginning, leading “veterans“ and long-term employees can seem difficult, but it is all about the art of listening and respect, Use your wealth of knowledge and show them you value their experience.

7) Be clear about goals and expectations.

There is no better feeling than knowing , how you are doing. Whether it is in connection with a particular project or professional growth of an employee, set clear, attainable goals, and state your expectations.

8) Communicate.

Understand, that each of us communicates in a different way. Some people want to be in the information circle and know even small details, while others just want to know, that the task has been accomplished. Identify those differences as soon as possible, and use this ability for your professional success. Do not forget to give feedback and give praise when needed.

There is not a single way how to manage people, but there are many ways how to reiforce your leadership style and your own team.

You will also get more practical information and experience about how to cope with your new manager role at Maxwell International training sessions.

If you need more information, contact us. Our experienced advisors are at your disposal.

Written by

Bára Soukupová

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