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Death by PowerPoint

How to Avoid Deadly Sins of PowerPoint Presentations

It’s not surprising PowerPoint presentations have become the norm for most business meetings. In many organizations, the beginning and end of any business activity is marked by the PowerPoint presentation. Since the invention of PowerPoint and other presentation software businesses have been plagued by a epidemic called “death-by-Powerpoint”.
You’ve probably witnessed those talks where the presenter spends an hour with their back turned to the audience, flipping through slides packed with bullet points, reading endless slides. Business meetings have now been reduced primarily to staring at a screen, reading along, slide after slide, with the speaker. But more hazardous than this aspect, the slide-ware’s propensity towards making us dumb.
Instead of a creative tool for presentations, PowerPoint has turned into a inappropriate support or presenter substitution;
According to some sources: There are more than 30 million PowerPoint presentations made each day. We spend approximately 15 million person hours per day viewing presentations. This equates to a staggering $252 million a day in terms of productivity.It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten how to present without one
Ineffective presentations can cost the presenter a sale or create doubt in the consumer’s mind about the solution. But PowerPoint is not the enemy. When used appropriately, slides, and short sequences of slides, are excellent tools to represent knowledge. Effective presentations translate into more sales or opportunities to follow up with a lead.

PowerPoint is a tool; it isn’t content.

There are no hidden secrets to being successful when you present with powerpoint. You can develop these skills through training and practice.

What you’ll learn in our Death by PowerPoint training course:

  • Understand your audience
  • Understand how to create great slides quickly and easily
  • Synthesizing the slide information into an effective slide title
  • How to place the building blocks of your story
  • Modern slide design and animation
  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Bad Slides
  • Story-telling techniques in PowerPoint


Discover the REAL secret to creating professional presentation in PowerPoint

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