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Why and how to use our strengths?

Which strengths of your character do you value the most and love to use? Is it “YOU“, when you are witty, kind, responsible, reliable, loving, enthusiastic, curious etc.?

Strengths are psychological characteristics we use when we acknowledge and express what we esteem in our life, how we actively integrate “who we are“ to “what we esteem.“

Values mean the way how we prioritize what we need; they are rather learnt than inborn. What we value the most, rules the choices we make. Values rule both, our choices and actions. They are what sets the priority to our needs, which rule what we value and distinguish us from the others.

Finding what we value is necessary, as it shows us the contexts, where we can use our strenghts.

3 important points to using your strengths
1) Use your TOP character strengths.

If you do not use them sufficiently, you will not be feeling as good as when using them in their full potential. Find other ways of using your strenghts.

2) Realize and give your attention to those character features, which are at the opposite end of your list.

Using only the strengths, indulging in passion can lead to neglecting the hard things. If kindness and generosity are in the lower part of your list and creativity and passion for learning at the top, try to use your strenghts to develop those at the bottom.

3) Be careful not to become one-dimensional

It is necessary  to state that overdeveloped strengths can be weaknesses. Being taken too much by your own character features can get you out of balance. Too much kindness, too evolved sense of justice or too much self-control is not healthy and can prevent your development just like not using strengths.

You can learn more about positive psychology, get practical information and experience in selected Maxwell International courses, or individual coaching sessions.

Positive psychology can also help you clarify:

  • what we need to feel really motivated
  • why being optimistic is more than looking through “pink-coloured glasses“
  • what helps us live longer and more healthy
  • the importance and quality of our relationships
  • why we like variety and challenges
  • why should we esteem what we have
  • the importance of self-acceptance
  • why knowing and using our strengths is important for our happiness
Written by

Bára Soukupová

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