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Managing Diversity and Cross Cultural Teams

Great ideas come from differences. Differences can be created by diversity.


Globalization causes the world to become more integrated and with diminishing country borders it continuously creates opportunities for organizations to expand internationally. The need to reach our potential is more challenging in our uncertain times. As the global economy has grown there has been a rapid increase of multinational corporations, which has resulted in businesses having a more culturally diverse workforce. The global corporations of today have their workforce consisting of a variety of ethnical and cultural parts since they are operating in several different countries.


Managing Diversity and Cross Cultural Teams consists of the attitude and skills that enable you to succeed in the global workspace. These skills include the ability to create a new cultural space for you and your colleagues to work in, the ability to create win- win solutions when you interact interculturally, and the ability to anticipate, correctly interpret and adjust to the culturally defined behavioral habits of people around you.


Building cross-cultural competence is not just about training. However, a course giving people a model and framework for understanding and solving cultural differences is extremely useful, even for those who are experienced in international working.


Diversity training is the centrepiece of diversity management; it challenges ingrained biases and is the primary driver of change in organisational culture.

Learning Objectives


  • Acknowledge and Respect Cultural Differences
  • Illustrate how culture impacts workplace interactions
  • Establish Norms for the Team
  • Develop a Team Identity and Outline Roles and Responsibilities
  • Build Rapport and Trust
  • Understand and accept cultural differences in the workplace



We find it difficult to trust people whose behavior and actions we don’t understand, and this can result in miscommunication. The key to avoiding this is flexibility in management: The more we learn to be flexible, working in different ways with different populations, the more effective we’ll be internationally.


We can tailor the program to your specific business issues and the particular countries you are interested in.


Programs can focus on managing different cultures alone, or they can be embedded as a module within broader programs on global or virtual working or matrix management.


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