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Successful sales in the world of constant change

The only constant at our time is change. What are the changes which jeopardise our business stability?

When we ask such questions during our company programmes, we only seldom get an identical reply twice. That is, however, no surprise.

If we could predict accurately the next change, the constant of changes would not be problematic. It is namely the reason that you do not know what to expect, which raises such concern in instability of business.

You can be experiencing market change in your field of business, your technology, your customer portfolio, your product line, your competitive position, your own marketing strategy and tactics, structure of your organization or a number of these ares, in any combination. Regardless of the scope or speed of changes influencing your environment, they can position you to face the shock of the uknown.

That does not necessarily have to be a reason for despair. It is not the change, which produces disorientation, but the insecurity often connected to that.

If we have a look at car industry, we get a very recent example. German Volkswagen had the long-term strategy to become world No. 1 in passenger car sales and to overtake the current No. 1, the Japanese automotive concern Toyota Motors. The Volkswagen president Martin Winterkorn set clear priorities and strategy, and sales for the first half of 2015 launched the German Volkswagen to the top rank in world car sales. Volkswagen, in the first half of 2015, sold 5,04 million cars, whereas the Japanese car automobile manufacturer Toyota sold only 5,022 million cars in the same period. Volkswagen, in the contest with the Japanese Toyota, won mainly thanks to bad economic situation in China. It seemed, that the Volkswagen concern or its president Martin Winterkorn cannot be compromised in their success. Until last Friday, September 18, which became the black Friday for Volkswagen.

On that day the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it has charged the Volkswagen concern, because, with diesel engine cars, they used software enabling to hide highly upper-tier level of nitrogen oxides, during emission tests. Volkswagen in the USA faces a fine of up to 18 billion dollars (437 billion Czech crowns) and criminal investigation has started; the scandal has also started to be investigated by some European countries. The shares of the German automobile manufacturer almost immediately fell by one third of its value and the president of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn, resigned, and so took over the responsibility for the scandal.

You can suceed in sales at our time only if you know what you are doing and why you are doing that. That can sound like an obvious thing, but it is not – at least not from the point of view, which seldom today´s sales representatives really apply in the market.

What is the profile of a professional in strategic sales? How do strategic sales work?

You will get more practical information and experience at Maxwell International Sales Excellence training sessions.


Written by

Bára Soukupová

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