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Leading and Managing Change


In recent years change in the business environment has become a way of life.


“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” — Norman Vincent Peale


In today’s fast-paced, demanding business environment, the ability to lead and implement successful organizational change is no longer an optional skill, it’s a true necessity for strategic initiatives to succeed.

Change simply does not happen by itself. Habits are a normal part of every person’s lives, but it is often counterproductive when dealing with change. As humans, we are not very good at changing. We see changes as a negative thing, something that creates instability and insecurity.


Change needs to be cohesively and proactively managed. Change management integrates the transition of people, processes and technology from the current “as-is” state to a continually unfolding future state.


But what does it mean to manage the people side of change and what exactly is change management?


We apply change management for one primary reason: to ensure that the desired results from the change are achieved.

To lead change at an organizational level, you must be able to lead change at an individual level.


Change management is only effective when you combine the processes and tools for organizational change management with the processes and tools for individual change management.

Learning Objectives


  • Enhance your understanding of the change process and the different dynamics that have an impact on its outcomes
  • Identifying leadership competencies for victorious transition
  • Planning for triumphant change implementation
  • Understand John Kotter’s 8-step change model and relate it to the challenges they face
  • Gain a wider understanding of the best strategic choices available to ensure successful change implementation
  • How to create a sense of security and retain your team, or your organization’s focus whilst the changes take place
  • Proactively manage resistance to change
  • Understand the change readiness levels for your team
  • Anchoring new approaches in the culture


Maxwell’s Change Management is a highly interactive high-energy training program. It’s specifically designed to enable you and your organization to succeed in today’s rapidly changing, complex chaotic business environment.


If you recognize these challenges and want to make a change please contact us


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