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Sales Negotiation

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Negotiate with power while building long-term relationships

Negotiation is an essential life and business skill. It’s a natural human activity – an everyday part of social and group life. All domestic, political, intellectual and economic systems and transactions entail frequent episodes of negotiation.
Top sales performers know that in order to successfully negotiate with clients they must plan deliberately or risk being left defenseless. Without proper strategy, your opponents will use your lack of preparedness to their advantage. In other words, you aretending to give up more than you intended because you didn’t have a good plan.
Good sales negotiations contribute significantly to business success, as they:

  • help you build better relationships
  • deliver lasting, quality solutions – rather than poor short-term solutions that do not satisfy the needs of either party
  • help you avoid future problems and conflicts


Main reasons why sales negotiations fail


  • Lack of preparation
  • Not understanding the prospect’s pain and his alternatives
  • Talking too much
  • Ego – pride and self-importance
  • Fear
  • Rigidity
  • Getting Emotional
  • Lack of integrity


Negotiation is about getting the best possible deal in the best possible way. Are you fully equipped to get the best outcomes possible? What if you could improve your negotiating abilities by at least ten percent?

Sales Negotiation Key learning Points & Outcomes


  • Identify true customer needs and priorities
  • Sell the value of your solutions and reduce price pushback
  • Know the principles of persuasive influence
  • Evaluate different elements of the deal and ‘trade concessions’ profitably
  • Handle customer resistance and respond professionally to customer tactics
  • Understanding the psychology and process of negotiation
  • Avoid critical mistakes in the negotiation process that kill credibility and the sale
  • Negotiate with due diligence
  • Offer valued solutions without succumbing to discount pressures
  • Achieve win/win outcomes and maintain good relationships

Maxwell´s sales negotiations training is strongly focus on real sales negotiation situations for better understanding of sales negotiation tactics, methods and practices.

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