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Strategic Account Management

Percentage of revenues by customer type


Strategic account management (also known as key account management – KAM) is the systematic development and the care of customers who are strategically important to an organization’s growth and prosperity.

Key account management (KAM) is not an isolated business process. It is an integrative element of the business strategy.

Percentage of revenues by customer type

Managing key accounts requires top standards of professionalism, because the on-demand nature of business and tougher competition has given them a much wider spectrum of choice than they had in the past.

Your accounts expect you to supply to be the best– in terms of the speed,
quality and relevance of their proposition – and best in terms of how
suppliers manage that proposition to their benefit.

The 3 main goals for having a KAM approach in place:


  • Generate additional or incremental revenue at a lower cost
  • Build the relationship to increase the ability to influence future decisions
  • Be seen to deliver ‘value add’ over and above the solutions

As customers, they have mostly looked hard at their core skills and activities, focused on what they should do and what they should outsource, and they expect their suppliers to do the same. If a supplier claims to manage its key accounts properly, then customers expect them to do so.


Steps to KAM approach:

  • Identification
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Execution

How Maxwell can help you with your Strategic Key Account Management Responsibility

  • Clarify the strategy with top management
  • Design a solid strategy communication plan
  • Define key account selection criteria, key metrics and KPIs
  • Define the talent gap and the competencies needed to implement the strategy
  • Job competency model and talent audit
  • Training in consultative selling, value-based selling, key account management and strategic plan
  • Mentoring and business coaching for executives
  • Executive team development
Looking to Innovate Your Strategic Account Approach?

If you want to make your strategic account management a success, schedule a session with our Account Management Experts. For more information call us on

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