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Welcome to the Maxwell International Client Zone.

Our goal is to transform your business.
We are passionate about helping companies to achieve their vision and goals in order to build cutting edge competence

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This page provides internal tools and support for employees of Maxwell International.

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Consumer packaged goods (CPG)/FMCG

Better, Faster, Smarter Innovation

The consumer packaged goods (CPG)/FMCG industry is undergoing a significant transformation. CPG firms can no longer rely on traditional channels, mass marketing activities, and a homogenous market. They need to identify new ways of working, adopt innovative technologies, and define organizational skillsets to successfully transform your business.


Emerging consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is not immune to the effects of the customer revolution. Over the past decade, a confluence of factors—from the rise of mobile technologies to the ubiquity of social media—have given shoppers the upper hand, transforming the CPG world in the process. Digital revolution is driving consumer goods companies to adopt new technologies to better understand and directly engage with consumers in fresh and unique ways.


But just driving innovation for the sake of innovation isn’t enough. They need to be rooted in a deep understanding of your customers.


A few of our key offerings are:


  • Portfolio Expansion (new categories/segments, new occasions/forms, new tiers)
  • Channel Expansion
  • Geographic Expansion
  • Sector Mapping & Migration
  • Market Attractiveness & Opportunity Assessment
  • Channel & Customer Value Creation
  • Brand Building, Marketing
  • Sell-In, Sell-Thru, Execution
  • Sales Planning, Category Management, Shopper Marketing
  • Distributor Management
  • Digital Strategy – Retail and Consumer Products
  • International and Global Expansion
  • Loyalty & Customer Experience
  • Performance Improvement
  • Store Training, and Management Training
  • Sales Excellence
  • Brand and product training
  • Leadership and management Training
  • Onboarding
  • Communicating with customers
  • Processes and procedures
  • Sales enablement
  • Training on new processes and technology


You need exciting and engaging training and consulting solutions that improves the overall experience of your employees and customers.


Maxwell International will help you to create innovative, effective, and impactful training and consulting solutions that will raise your business success to new heights.


How Can We Help You?


Contact us to find out more about how we can help you develop the international competence of your workforce.


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