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This page provides internal tools and support for employees of Maxwell International.

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Proficiency Assessment Centre (AC)

Qualitative personnel selection and development

Assessment Centre (AC) is an important instrument in the selection process because examines the fit between the person and the job.
Maxwell´s Assessment Centres have achieved wide recognition as a systematic and rigorous means of identifying behaviour for the purposes of recruitment, selection, promotion and development within the workplace.
Our Assessment centres bring objectivity to the selection process. Using a multi-dimensional approach, they allow for a greater range of knowledge, skills and abilities to be tested. The key is to identify precise factors leading to current job success – known as ‘competencies’ and to test and measure candidates for these competencies.



The consequences of selecting the wrong people are well known – higher costs associated with turnover, lost revenue opportunities due to lower productivity and lower employee morale and engagement. Maxwell’s talent assessment solutions make identifying and selecting the right people more accurate and efficient than ever before.


Maxwell´s proficiency assessments are developed in accordance with the scientific standards and quality criteria defined in the German standard for proficiency assessment procedures DIN 33430 (guidelines for job related aptitude diagnostics), which guarantees that quality criteria is met during the whole process. This refers especially to the assessor’s qualification, the test procedures and the complete diagnostical process.



We advise you on the Assessment Center process.


We use 9 steps standardization process for providing Assessment Centre (AC). Standardized work consists of elements and procedures that are organized in a way that ensures they are easily understood, consistently followed, and constantly improved by all our team members.

  • Standard 1: Clarification of Objectives and Integration
  • Standard 2: Job Analysis and Analysis of Task requirements
  • Standard 3: Development of Exercises
  • Standard 4: Observation and Assessment
  • Standard 5: Selection and Preparation of Assessors
  • Standard 6: Pre-Selection and Preparation of Potential Participants
  • Standard 7: Preparation and Execution
  • Standard 8: Feedback and Follow-up Measures
  • Standard 9: Evaluation


Assessment Centres (AC) provide the following benefits:


  • Accuracy – Highly relevant/observable and comprehensive information as a broader range of selection methods are used in an assessment centre
  • Opportunity – opportunity to assess and distinct between candidates who appear similar on CV
  • Objectivity – fair process ensuring that people are selected on the basis of merit and capability alone


Maxwell´s Rules for Development Centre

  • Good planning and moderation guarantee a transparent and target- oriented application of the Assessment Centre (AC) technique
  • Only a specific analysis of concrete job requirements allows a useful appraisal of aptitude
  • Systematic observation of behavior is the basis of aptitude diagnosis
  • Well-prepared assessors, who adequately represent the organization, are most suitable for making informed and valid
  • Systematic pre-selection and available advance information are the basis of the success of AC participants and the Assessment Centre as a whole
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We provide support for your entire selection process. The success of any assessment centre lies in the quality of design and the way it is conducted.

We consult you in optimizing the selection process by analyzing existing processes and by aligning the target vision with future challenges, scientific findings and best practice.

We support you in the selection of candidates for the Assessment Center through Self-Assessment Tools, Screenings, interviews and tests.

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