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Cross functional teams (CFT)

Leading cross‐functional teams to maximum productivity

Most projects require a broad variety of skills to complete the work involved. If you’re managing a project of any type, it’s likely that you’ll have to work with a group of people from different backgrounds. They may be drawn from distinct parts of your organization; they may come from a number of separate organizations—wherever they’re from, when they come together, they’re known as a cross-functional team (CFT).

The challenges of this new competitive order demand a full view of processes, new thinking and integrated solutions implemented with greater speed. Success in the new competitive order requires cooperation and partnerships with customers, suppliers, employees, unions, share- holders, and even traditional competitors.

Cross-functional teams (CFT) are units of performance. Managing complexity becomes a priority because no single function, unit, or department can have authority or control over the final product or service.

Why CFT?
  • To realise the maximum value of a company
  • Widening the market – enhancement and expansion into new products/ services or new area
  • TOP Performance – to understand each other’s limitations and overcome them
  • Re-engineer / re-structuring the work process within the organization.
  • The need for faster and precise decision on any issues
  • To decrease the time of development
  • To make sure the customer derives maximum satisfaction from a product / service

Advantages of a CFT
  • Achieving a shared vision
  • Better insight to the problem & in managing teams
  • Better control over the flow of execution of a project
  • Eliminates comparison and complacence
  • Employees beat monotony at work and explore other directions in performing
  • Increased scope of learning
  • Job gets done and gets done efficiently – the difference between the profitable & the unprofitable operation of an organization.
  • People are involved, interested & anxious to participate in solving work-related problems.
  • Effective tool for improved performance.
  • When Cross-Functional Teams (CFT) collaborate effectively, they set themselves up for success.



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