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Communicate Effectively with MBTI®


Effective communication is essential to accomplish business goals and to enhance personal interactions. You communicate with others every day on many levels. You may not always take time to evaluate how your natural communication style affects others. Understanding, appreciating and accommodating individual differences in communication style can enhance your ability to communicate. This communication advantage will thereby augment your effectiveness as an employee, team member, manager or leader.


Learn How to Appreciate Each Other’s Differences


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), based on the work of Carl Jung, assesses
how individuals prefer to get rejuvenated (through extraverted or introverted activities), to perceive and process information (through details or the overview), to make decisions and communicate (through attention to principles or to people needs), and to manage time and possibilities (by flowing with time or desiring closure.


MBTI training usually achieve learning and understanding that helps to:

  • Discover your own personality profile
  • Understand the concept of MBTI and its impact in workplace communication
  • Accelerate the process of developing productive team relationships
  • Identify the traits and characteristics of other personality types
  • Understand and work with personality differences, reducing the cost of poor communication and managing conflict resolution processes
  • Constructive approach to individual differences, demonstrating that different working styles can be complementary, rather than a source of friction
  • Discover your own personality profile
  • Learn how to appreciate and leverage on our differences for improved work dynamics
  • Develop more effective leader / manager skills
  • Help to understand what different people in the team need and work well with
  • Learn how to complement our differences for synergistic relationships
  • Apply the MBTI to communicate better with others


The goal of knowing about personality type is to understand and appreciate difference


Contact us now and talk to one of our advisers to ask any question you may have about our Communicate Effectively with MBTI® training.


Get Tailored Training

We can adapt our training to meet your team’s needs. Just tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll gear our existing workshops to address your industry, your timetable, or your company’s challenges. Or, we can turn your content into a custom workshop based on our methodology. Our experts are also available to come and speak at your location. They’ll inspire your team while offering real stories and best practices.


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