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Welcome to the Maxwell International Client Zone.

Our goal is to transform your business.
We are passionate about helping companies to achieve their vision and goals in order to build cutting edge competence

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This page provides internal tools and support for employees of Maxwell International.

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Changing technology is causing banking to become more digital with the closing of many physical branches.


Competition is at an all-time high with non-financial companies looking to find ways to profit from the banking industry and to offer a wider array of services to their customers. Key traditional players in the banking and financial services sector are increasingly being challenged by customers and new providers to innovate.


Banks have looked the same for decades, if not centuries. But we seem to be at a break point beyond which the future is unrecognizable. Banks must focus on customers, what they need and how they want it delivered to them.



  • Improve banking customer strategy, customer experience, and customer loyalty.
  • Analytics/Customer Segmentation
  • Brand/Reputation Management
  • Call Centers
  • Channel/Distribution Management
  • Customer Advocacy/Complaints Management
  • Customer Strategy
  • Customer Service Training
  • Operations Improvement/Excellence
  • HR/Compensation/Change Management
  • Outsourcing/Hosting
  • Regulatory Management/Compliance
  • Research & Benchmarking
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Social Media
  • Corporate training and Development


Using Maxwell International expert sector knowledge we deliver to our banking clients a range of positive and practical change programmes that help to retain the best industry talent.

Our goal is to help banks and financial institutions reshape their businesses, increase efficiency, decrease costs and risks, satisfy compliance issues, while focusing on growth.


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