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Psychometric testing

Manage Your Organisation Effectively With Our Solution-Driven Psychometric Assessment and Evaluation Services


One of the critical elements in ensuring outstanding organisational performance, is the selection and development of excellent staff. The role that psychometric assessment can play in significantly improving the selection process for both new entrants and internal promotions. Effective psychometric assessment can also play a key role in staff development processes.

A psychometric test may have several purposes, including assessment of personality. It may be useful in broad contexts of selection and organizational development, guidance or even clinical evaluation.

A psychometric test can also assess the following:

  • Values
  • Situational judgment
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Settings
  • The job fit with a particular position


Psychometric assessments fall into two categories:


1.Aptitude or ability tests – measure an individual’s intellectual capabilities and are most commonly used in recruitment and selection to assess your abilities to use specific job related skills and to predict subsequent job performance.

There are various types of ability assessments that measure wide range of mental aptitudes and skills including:

  • Critical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Abstract/Logical reasoning
  • Mechanical reasoning
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Essential business skills
  • Job specific assessments

2.Personality tests – are used to accurately and consistently measure people’s characteristics or traits. A psychological personality test is carried out for many different reasons. A personality test can be:

  • Carried out to test out the different psychological theories under use
  • Used to compare the changes that have occurred in someone’s personality
  • Help in screening job applicants
  • Used clinically for the evaluation of psychological issues
  • Used repetitively to judge the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a psychological therapy

We offer a range of affordable psychometric testing services tailored to suit your business needs for both selection (hiring) and developmental purposes.

We can deliver testing services for one-off positions through to volume/assessment centre testing.


Our testing service can be tailored to create a high level of engagement with candidates through personal telephone and/or written feedback on their results, in addition to the comprehensive psychometric profile report prepared by a psychologist for the employer.

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