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First-time Managers

Putting Management Skills into Practice


“Congratulations. You’ve just been promoted to manager!”


Being a manager is an amazing opportunity, but it also requires skills and abilities that weren’t demanded from you before you were promoted. For the first-time managers, making the transition from being an individual contributor to a manager can be a dramatic shift. First-time managers are mostly always promoted to that position because of their individual success in their previous positions. They are high performers who have been accountable and performed.


According to the research, 60% of newly promoted managers fail within the first 24 months of their new position. The main reason why most new managers fail is because they were never properly trained to manage. Failing first-time managers do not change their mindset and remain focused on their individual performance.


A poor manager is nothing more than a person who is fearful of bringing themselves to work all the way. Instead of concentrating on high-level issues and solutions, many first-time managers are too busy holding onto their former tasks.


Our program develops your managers and provides ROI for your organization. Get all the key management skills that you need to be a great manager.


Learning Objectives


By attending our highly interactive course you will:

  • Understand the importance of your managerial role and key result areas of performance
  • Compare and contrast the workplace roles of an individual contributor and a manager, and identify the new mindset required for making the transition
  • Learn desired workplace behaviors and skills that can immediately be applied on the job
  • Use effective communications with your direct reports and develop clear measurements for success
  • Learn how to prioritize tasks while maximizing efficiency
  • Have knowledge of common first-time manager communication mistakes
  • Inspire and motivate others whilst mentoring others and providing work challenges and enrichment
  • Learn about potential blind spots and how to be proactive to avoid problems


Our first-time manager training course is highly interactive with exercises and role plays.


Ready to develop managers that will lead your organization into the future?


The successful transition from great performer to manager is an opportunity to clarify your career goals and what you care about. Good management skills can positively impact productivity, performance and overall employee morale.



What’s next?

If you need to provide your new managers with the skills they need to grow into effective and influential leaders, feel free to call or email us anytime.

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