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Sales Prospecting

The key to your sales success


Prospecting is the heart of sales because it identifies potential customers. Many sales representatives are unable to quickly generate enough leads to build their sales pipeline. Without an adequate sales pipeline, reps will never generate enough sales to meet or exceed their sales targets
The most successful sales professionals are those who are really efficient at prospecting. Sales prospecting involves identifying potential customers and generating new leads Leads may be generated in a variety of methods. It is important for salespeople to know which are more effective.

The Importance of Prospecting


Prospecting is necessary for several reasons:


  • customers switch to other suppliers
  • customers move out of your territory
  • customers go out of business
  • customers die
  • customers’ businesses are taken over by other companies
  • customers have only a one-time need for the product
  • relationships with some customers deteriorate and they stop buying from you
  • your buying contacts are promoted, demoted, transferred, fired, retired, or resign
  • you need to increase total sales


The benefits of prospecting include:


  • Generates a continuous flow of sales
  • Offsets the loss of customers
  • Helps create a more productive selling environment for you (i.e., the likelihood of your making a sale increases because you are dealing with a qualified-“legitimate”-customer)
  • Provides a more enjoyable selling situation (i.e., your qualified prospects have a need for the product; therefore, you won’t need to use high-pressure selling)


As sales professionals, we can’t make any excuses for not prospecting today, this week or this month. Great prospecting activity and discipline mean a stronger pipeline and additional revenue so go out and get it!

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