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Leading with NLP – influencing and managing people

Would you like greater skill in influencing someone’s emotions, thoughts and behaviours?


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams


You’ve been promoted to leadership—congratulations!

Accepting your first real “leadership” position is an exciting, but intimidating, time. New leaders may feel an overwhelming sense of pressure to succeed immediately in the new position. As a new leader, you need to flip your script from “me” to “we” and help the group you lead succeed. One of the easiest mistakes that people make when moving into leadership roles, is trying to continue doing all their previous work.
The reality is that most new leaders understand leadership is a role, however, the complexities the new leader will face are often underestimated. Developing new leaders begins with understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership talent.
The good news is that leadership skills can be learnt. Leaders don’t have to be born – leaders can be made. If you want to become a successful leader, you will need to give yourself a realistic amount of time to develop within your new role in order to accomplish the tasks that are inherent to leadership.
Maxwell´s Become an Effective Leader training programme is uniquely designed to help leaders-to-be get ready for their new challenges and responsibilities.

Leading with NLP Learning Objectives


In Leadership, NLP provides essential tools in many key areas, including:


  • Understanding ways in which we communicate
  • Building rapport and connecting at a deeper level with others
  • Help leaders gain clarity over what they want – vital for providing clear and strong direction
  • Mastering the foundations of effective communication
  • Understand language patterns for influence
  • How to achieve real empathy and involvement without burn- out or “emotional contagion
  • Know how to orientate towards successful outcomes; auditing for change
  • Understand the role of beliefs and values in what makes people tick
  • Moving from problem-solving to solution-orientation
  • Acquire the attitudes and beliefs that underpin confident leadership
  • Strategy in business


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