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Insight selling


AASales organizations need to adapt to a new phenomenon. Customers today do most of their own research online, they’re 60% of their way through a sales cycle before they engage a salesperson. So they don’t need more information, what they need from a salesperson is insight.

The last few years have seen us transition into the age of the customer. Consumers have a wealth of information and choice available with just a few taps of their smartphone. Sellers need to gain a deeper understanding of their customers because of the wealth of information.

They need to communicate their message better, on the channels that the consumers choose. For example, in the next ten years, 40% of new car buyers will be millennials, of which up to 94% gather purchasing information online.

Therefore, Insight selling requires the most sophisticated of sales skills as in effect you are dealing with a customer who probably knows as much about your business as you do!

Basically they expect you to know more about their business than they do

Insight selling is assuming that sales reps have a good product knowledge and consultative selling skills. The customer no longer expects you to identify their situation, needs and problems but instead expects you to have analysed their business and identified fresh insights to bring to them.


In insight selling the seller takes the initiative to “engage” with the customer on a number of strategic issues and works with the customer, in partnership, to work up ideas into deliverables

Insight Sellers reframe their customers thinking so that they can sell value and differentiate their product

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