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Financial services

Unfortunatelly, almost every type of financial activity — from banking, investing, lending to insurance, financial service companies today are still not focused on serving customers first and foremost.


The majestic growth of online information and social networks allows customers to evaluate the value and performance of products, services and companies in an exceptional way – and share their opinion with the world in minutes. Therefore, over the next decade, the financial service industry must shift its focus from transactions to customized value-added services.


Competition will escalate as new aspirants target financial services. These nontraditional competitors (world’s largest corporations and best-funded, venture- backed startups) believe that, client centric vision, new technology and the shift to online banking provides the platform to enter the industry and attract customers with new methods, approaches and business models.

This new environment of increased regulation, new competition and industry change will disrupt the financial services industry.

Efficiency and profitability require virtual service and support excellence.

With increased cost pressures and a growing demand for personalization, flexibility and accessibility, financial services organizations will accelerate their use of technology to meet customer needs. Personal service will still be necessary to maintain strong customer relationships.


Financial institutions have a big opportunity to build trust and develop more sustainable and profitable relationships with their customers by acting in customers’ best interest, even when there are marketplace reasons not to do so.


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We help financial services firms evolve, improve and meet the disruptive forces of technology, regulation and changing customer expectations.


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