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This page provides internal tools and support for employees of Maxwell International.

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COVID-19: Strategies to overcome the crisis

As the coronavirus crisis creates unprecedented uncertainty, it is important that companies come up with ideas to protect and increase revenues – and not just focus on reducing costs. The ability to grow will truly separate leaders from the rest as the global economy will grow again. Explore how we help business leaders to succeed in these difficult times.

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05 September
A leader or a manager?

This topic is neither easy nor superficial, in contrast, it is an important starting point for determination of the things an executive person should be doing. The history insists that a manager is a leader at the same time.

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05 September
How managers can use motivation and discipline for successful team leadership

A manager, who only uses motivation techniques, can be very popular. However, over time, employees start losing respect to his/her management style of leadership, if they assume they can let their “bad behaviour“ come out.

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05 September
How to become an exceptional businessman?

Why do most businessmen and salesmen fall within the average, or even under-average range, while other individuals excel on a long term basis ?

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