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COVID-19: Successful strategies to overcome the pandemic crisis

Given that the COVID-19 crisis creates unprecedented uncertainty, it is important that companies come up with ideas on how to protect and increase revenue – and not just focus on cutting or reducing costs. The ability to grow will truly separate leaders from the rest as the global economy will grow.

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COVID-19 has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of many people and businesses and continues in many communities around the world. Although all the available consequences of a coronavirus pandemic are far from known, it is clear that the economic consequences will be drastic.

The post pandemic “new normal” will require revised business expectations. In the last few months, companies around the world have taken swift and radical steps to address the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As they now evaluate these changes, they revise previously approved budgets and re-evaluate activities to focus on those that generate much-needed revenue.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects every organization differently – some companies will close their business, others will be able to run it and will be fine, some of which will benefit greatly simply because of the type of product or service they offer.

Given that the COVID-19 crisis creates unprecedented uncertainty, it is important that companies come up with ideas on how to protect and increase revenue – and not just focus on cutting or reducing costs. The ability to grow will truly separate leaders from the rest as the global economy will grow, as it will eventually happen.

Caring for the people and customers must be a top priority for sales leaders who are considering how to respond. While managing this reality, sales leaders also need to adapt to the way their organizations sell in the face of new customer habits and economic times.

Changes in customer behavior, in many ways, are accelerating digital trends that were on the move before the pandemic hit. We believe we are at a digital inflection point where B2B business transactions will look fundamentally different from what they were before the pandemic.

Once sales leaders have stabilized the immediate situation, they must focus on what will be needed to maintain momentum despite social distancing around the world and investing in recovery. Companies in all sectors have the opportunity to emerge victorious from the crisis.

Sales leaders, especially in B2B markets, will determine whether companies can turn this crisis into an opportunity. They must take five steps to lead sales and their companies in these turbulent times:

  • Respond immediately by engaging in sales and stabilizing sales
  • Analyze the situation, evaluate the opportunities and come up with changes
  • Reflect the consequences of an unstable situation
  • Reorganize sales to regain momentum
  • Get a head start on sales so that your team wins at the end of the crisis

How can we help companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis?

Corporate training and inspiration

To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, companies should now begin to retrain their employees.

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Imagine a crisis forcing employees of your company to change their long-term way of working almost overnight. Despite initial concerns that the work pressure may be too strong, you will find that this new way of working may be a long-term plan. This is what the leaders of many companies around the world are looking for when responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Employees across industries need to figure out how they can adapt to rapidly changing conditions, and companies need to learn how to adapt new roles and activities to these workers. This dynamic is more than just remote work from the home office. It’s about how leaders can retrain and strengthen their workforce to deliver new business models in a post-pandemic era.

To meet this challenge, the company should develop a talent strategy that develops employees’ critical digital and cognitive abilities, their social and emotional skills, and their adaptability and resilience. Now is the time for companies to double their education budgets and commit to retraining. The development of this basic pillar will also strengthen societies for possible future disruptions, as was the case with the coronavirus pandemic.

We know from past crises that companies need to act quickly to build the necessary workforce.

We specialize in corporate training and consulting and help companies overcome sudden challenges and needs. We will help you define the areas of skills development in your team, your company.

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Sales outsourcing: Sale is our PASSION

Our vision and mission is to grow sales and minimize stress for our customers.
We create prosperity by helping companies sell their products and services.That is our passion.

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In today’s competitive environment, experience matters more than ever.
At Maxwelll International, we help companies differentiate themselves in the new era by creating innovative sales strategies to help restart our clients’ business growth.

Sales outsourcing is a way for companies to simplify the complex dynamics of sales through a third party. All this in order to accelerate sales transformation, sales performance and sales continuity.

Our sales outsourcing services:

  • Sales consulting
  • Sales communication and sales support
  • Sales coaching
  • Recruitment of sales talents

Sales Support & Sales Marketing

We are well aware that the coronavirus has changed the shopping behavior of customers and thus also changed shopping expectations.
If companies are to succeed in the future, they must be able to respond to these changes and adapt their sales strategies and communication with customers.

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Our unique solutions are designed to provide the right information, economic motivation or effectively raise awareness of the featured products to the target audience.

  • Sales promotion
    Customer strategy & marketing, Active sales, sales support, in-store / outdoor promotion, demonstrations, sampling, consumer competitions, promotions, instore communication, development, design, production and installation of POSM, promo-sales teams, tastings, etc.
  • Event marketing
    Kick-Off meetings, Product launches, Teambuilding, Dealer meetings, Conferences
  • Social Selling
    Everyone is on social networks. During the quarantine of COVID-19, even the biggest opponents moved into the online space. To remain relevant, you must be able to positively influence the buyer experience. If you are not active in educating your potential customers with the right knowledge, content and information, your buyers will simply go elsewhere.
    Although you may think that your target audience cannot be found (for example, because your B2B works), everyone can be found online.
    We have developed a social media strategy that not only addresses your target group, but also transforms it into customers.

    Our social selling services:

    • Tailor-made social media strategies
    • Content calendars
    • Razor-sharp campaigns on social media
    • Organic growth and engagement
    • Professional presentation
    • Automatic placement
  • Incentive programs
    Bonus programs, loyalty programs, consumer competitions, loyalty clubs.
  • Other services
    Telemarketing, direct marketing

COVID-19: Corporate Leadership Support

The Covid-19 crisis is the biggest test of management and leadership – a sudden, dramatic, life-threatening concussion that has left all aspects of our daily lives uncertain. In this extremely stressful time, the value of great management and leadership is proven every day.

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For many organizations, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is a crisis unmatched by any other they have experienced. The urgency to respond has forced us all to rethink how we live and work so that we can find the right direction to a new reality.

Leaders need to navigate quickly to minimize risk to their employees, communities and business activities. Every company needs to see that it invests in the right skills of its managers who can adapt to the new standard.

Our services for leaders and top managers:

  • Leadership in times of crisis COVID-19
  • COVID-19: Crisis Management Strategies
  • Setting up a strategy, reorganizing sales and managing sales teams during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Executive coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Resetting teams for the new normal
  • Teamwork and resilience

Customer engagement solutions

Through strategic consulting, innovative technologies and the best customer engagement solutions, we help clients design, build and operate their optimal customer experience.

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If you or your company would like any kind of support in returning to the new normal or for advice on what the recovery plan might look like, do not hesitate to contact us.

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