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Welcome to the Maxwell International Client Zone.

Our goal is to transform your business.
We are passionate about helping companies to achieve their vision and goals in order to build cutting edge competence

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This page provides internal tools and support for employees of Maxwell International.

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Open courses
Name Category Date
Sales Management Sales 24th October 2018
Selling Fundamentals Sales 24th October 2018
Improving Emotional Intelligence Encouragement 22nd November 2018
Communicating with Influence Marketing 22nd November 2018
How to avoid death By PowerPoint Marketing 9th October 2018
Customer Service Excellence Sales 6th November 2018
The Art of Influencing and Persuasion Human Resources 25th September 2018
The Total Leader: Essential Skills Leadership 19th September 2018
How to succeed as a First Time Manager Encouragement 19th September 2018
Presentation Skills: Think and Speak for Great Results Encouragement 19th September 2018
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